Maximum Strength Spray

What is AttiranceĀ® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant? It is a high strength antiperspirant created to control problem perspiration, and can be used on all skin types to prevent sweat and odour. It only requires one or two applications per week, although more frequent applications may be required in more severe cases. How does AttiranceĀ® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant work? It contains a dual active formulation, part of which stretches the sweat ducts, while other elements form a partial obstruction, preventing the more viscous sweat reaching the surface of the skin. This double action provides the ultimate level of protection from both sweat and odour. Why apply AttiranceĀ® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant at night? The sweat glands are least active at night, when the body is naturally calming down and becoming less active. Applying the product at this time is essential to making the formulation work at its best, as it allows the formula to position itself just under the skin, and initiate the active ingredients before they are potentially carried away by sweating. 30ml.

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