About Us

History of Attirance

The genesis of the history of “Attirance” is 2003, France, when the brand of exclusive fragrances and cosmetics was established. Inspired from the eighteenth-century refinement and aesthetics coming from the Domaine de Trianon at Versailles, the branding/packaging of the products represented ornaments, baroque style and conservative look. Since its creation, Attirance has been developing innovative solutions for its customers in search of natural products, using the timeless beauty secrets of Queen Marie-Antoinette. The concept of using natural ingredients in cosmetics became popular in the eighteenth century, after Queen Marie-Antoinette, who deliberately deviated from the more traditional styles of the time as a way of exercising power over the masses, settled the norm of consuming organic components in her everyday hygiene/beauty routine. Many of her beauty secrets, based on the usage of natural ingredients were so effective, that they’re still used by women today. These timeless ideas from the past became the main pillar for the brand, that we’ve recreated four centuries later.

Who We Are Today

Attirance, translated from French as Attraction, is what inspires us. Minimalism is an attractive force – as it leans one towards the state of fascination with its essence and elegancy – less is more. The label has been rebranded in 2018 and introduced several innovative concepts not only its packaging design, but also in product formulas. The world where animals are not treated with respect and empathy, is not acceptable for us, so we decided to stay respectful towards our ecosystem and become Vegan and Cruelty Free. From 2003 till now, Attirance aims to continue the idea of being a natural brand free from toxic components. We redefined our brand as “cosmétique de pharmacie”, achieving the legitimacy and trust of the pharmaceutical level. We strongly believe that the paradigm of using less drives us to care more.

What Are We Planning

With the concept and design of our brand, we are making your self-care shelf look more attractive and add natural harmony to your day. Your routine becomes less of a monotonous cycle and more of a fascinating experience. Our objective is to turn all of our formulas into 100% natural in every single category and accompany them by a recyclable packaging, as one of our main priorities lies into being ecosystem friendly. Our products belong to the category of Medium to higher-end. As a company and as manufacturers, we are focusing on expanding the collaboration with different pharmaceutical chains and wholesalers all over the world.