Choose the most suitable Cosmetic franchise type:



Franchise store investment level, depending on the level region and store size, excluding the store deposit.

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Master Franchise means exclusive rights to develop a wide store and distribution network in a territory.

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As the trade is still one of the most demanded cooperation forms in the global market today, Attirance is offering various wholesale business opportunities for the interested partners.

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Trading island

Gives You the opportunity to have Your own store.

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Why Us?

  • Wide range of products - more than 300 different products.
  • A continuously increasing product range.
  • Strategic business concept fosters a successful product sale in the market.
  • Proven profit opportunities - the developed business system ensures a successful sale of cosmetics and guarantees a business profit.
  • Manufacturer's support - product is delivered directly from the manufacturer, thus the business has a cost effective and full marketing support business model.
  • A unified store design worldwide - we provide the creation of the design for all Attirance stores as well as specially designed furniture.
  • Professional and responsive team with a worldwide business experience.
  • Training - customer service, marketing, products.

About us

Attirance is experienced manufacturer of natural cosmetics from Latvia (EU). Established in 2003, the company has developed more than 300 unique products with charming design and wonderful selection of fragrances. Inspired by the beauty of Provence, our goal was to create natural cosmetics that combine expression of feeling beautiful and harmonious.


Taking advantage of nature as the main source of beauty together with innovations, we have reached the top quality of products and provided physical and emotional comfort of body care. We only select the highest quality plants, butters, flower extracts and essential oils which faithfully reflect the beauty of Attirance products. However, we make every effort to continually improve and develop new product lines.


Since 2007 we started to develop a world wide cosmetic franchise system by offering fully developed business concept with wide product range and proven profitability. We have made a franchise package that provides everything necessary for an effective launch of the business at a new location. Through out these years we have already opened franchise stores in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, China, Turkey and other countries.

We wish you to enjoy natural beauty together with Attirance cosmetics!

Atis Liepinš


Admiration for French culture has inspired me to found Attirance natural cosmetics with its philosophy – genuine naturalism that creates the desire for physical and emotional comfort, and helps us enjoy harmony in life.

I am delighted with my destiny - to develop an international enterprise that produces natural cosmetics in consistency with the magnificent beauty of Provence. It is a pleasure to be in touch with this region, to increasingly appreciate it and fall in love with it. Attirance cosmetics, produced with natural ingredients, help everyone find the way to true beauty. Our company not only offers natural cosmetics, it also symbolizes a movement toward an exquisite life-style, refined taste and aristocracy.

It is necessary to create an environment that nourishes greatness. Let's create a future where we shall have time to bring ourselves to perfection, to become someone new and nobler. Let’s create higher demands towards ourselves, new values, new virtues and a new culture.

Today, working in the global market, we have tremendous opportunities to offer our input to make the world that much better and brighter. It gives us great satisfaction to inspire people to be more demanding towards themselves, while developing luxury body care culture. Wellness of the body is a precondition for the wellbeing of the soul.

We have a wonderful possibility to take part in the care for the ecologic condition of the planet and produce ever more natural products.

I am confident that the appeal of natural beauty will also be appreciated by future generations.

Mr Atis Liepins
Founder of Attirance


History of Attirance Brand

Legend and Values of Attirance

Attirance is a brand of exclusive fragrances and cosmetics that draws inspiration from eighteenth- century refinement, beautifully exemplified by the Domaine de Trianon at Versailles. Since its creation in 2003, Attirance has been developing innovative solutions for its customers in search of natural products with a feminine feel, using the timeless beauty secrets so dear to Queen Marie-Antoinette. Through its rich, sophisticated products, the brand has become a gold standard the world over for modern women who are sensitive to elegance with a “French touch”. Attirance is a captivating brand driven by creative energy, inspired by triumphant and harmonious femininity, characterized by natural as a means of expression and guided by a luxury ideal that holds the promise of happiness. All of these contemporary values are firmly fixed in a French tradition of heritage, longevity and modernity. Attirance is for all those seeking luxury and authenticity, all those who are still fascinated and inspired by France and its tradition of luxury rooted in Versailles. For those who want to give meaning to their life and thus their consumption, the Attirance collections provide a guarantee of reconnecting with forgotten scents and products, tied to History, and offer new, sense-awakening experiences. The spirit of the eighteenth century, refined and brilliant, is revisited with an ultra-contemporary twist. These present-day consumer values are based on the prestige of Versailles and the French art of living.

The prestige of Versailles, a driver of creative energy

The creative foundations of Attirance are built on the lavish opulence of the Versailles court society, which also gave rise to a system of objects that imbued the French tradition of luxury with abundance and enchantment. “Create and excel”, those were the words of Colbert, Minister of Finance under Louis XIV, when, in 1661, he established French art and craftsmanship as models that were to become the origin of French luxury. In France, the Château de Versailles had been the theatre of royal splendor since Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, who contributed to the country’s political and artistic influence. The Château de Versailles remains one of the most highly visited locations in the world and a creative impetus for the Attirance brand. The official perfumers of Versailles served the King, the Queen or an important figure, for whom they created custom fragrances and exclusive beauty products. Jean-Louis Fargeon, who hailed from a long line of perfumers, was one of them. He was born in Montpellier in 1748 into a family of apothecaries and perfumers. He dreamed of creating fragrances for Marie-Antoinette. He was passionate about his trade, fine materials, and well-made compositions and he was appointed the perfumer for Queen. His Traité de Parfumerie is a testament to his training and personal craft. Jean-Louis Fargeon set out to conquer the capital and become perfumer for the future Queen. On 1 March 1774, he became “Master Glove-maker and Perfumer” after producing a masterpiece and achieving the expected standard of excellence at the age of 25. He threw himself into perfecting distillation techniques, inspired by the scientific research of the time and obtained increasingly concentration essential oils. In 1786, he founded a perfume manufactory in Suresnes, an early example of “proto industrialization”, where he distilled Puteaux rose. He used nature as a means of transcribing the human soul through perfume. The soul of his contemporaries and of the Queen in particular.

Luxury as creator of meaning: flamboyant seduction

Attirance endeavors to create exceptional products steeped in tradition, for luxury is unchanging, eternal, rare, the polar opposite of a trend. The word luxury comes from the Latin: luxus, which is translated by ‘dislocated’ or ‘excess’. In the eighteenth century, the meaning of luxury shifted toward well-being, refinement and the art of living. Noble materials had to be used in every creation. Fragrances featured the rarest and most exotic raw materials to be found at the time, bottles were made of gold, crystal or polychrome porcelain and set with precious stones. They were unique and reserved for an elite.

Freedom and refined elegance for a show of charm and femininity

Attirance embraces a timeless and flamboyant lifestyle. “Provocative” and sexy, yet very elegant, this attitude releases a rebellious, highly aristocratic, energy. The aristocratic values of the eighteenth century also included elegance and extravagance. The aristocrat was a free man who liberated his mind and his body. Life was carefree and devoted to pleasure, but with an unprecedented refinement. It is the “Triumph of Life”, “carpe diem”. And that very essence of French taste, made of balance and temperance, has been sought since the eighteenth century. The French woman’s charm was extoled, in the way she presented herself and played with codes of style and behavior. France also became the chosen land of perfume, exporting its precious bottles filled with rare essences to the Courts of Europe.

Intimacy, comfort and well-being for the soul

As a brand that strives for comfort in the sense of comforting, Attirance captures the intimacy of the eighteenth century that sensibilities of the time sought and protected. Gallantry prevailed in relationships between men and women: compliments, declarations, and love letters filled the days of an entire society. The boudoir was one of the comfortable rooms in the “private apartments”. It was a place where “sensuality seemed to mull over its plans, or surrender to its penchants”. The eighteenth century was fond of latches, bolts, levers and all of those mechanisms that enabled one to protect one’s privacy and hide from prying eyes. Marie-Antoinette shared this desire to draw an increasingly clear line between the public and private domain, creating cabinets for her own personal use and appartements de commodité, or apartments of convenience, to receive her guests. Marie-Antoinette called upon interior designers and decorators to create a new, intimate space for her: méridienne in powdery pastel tones, golden cabinet in the new “neo-classical” style with soft, pure lines. But also a bathroom, for unlike her contemporaries, she did not fear water and bathed to maintain her health. Her perfumer prepared her beauty products such as soaps, bath powders and ointments for her hair. Intrigued by the hygienic practices from across the Channel, she even had indoor toilets, or “cabinets à l’anglaise” installed. Like Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jean- Louis Fargeon believed that “smell is the sense of the imagination” and this provided him with a vast field of exploration: interiority.

Hedonism and the pleasure of the senses

Attirance is enshrined in the refined sensoriality of the eighteenth century, which pursued the pleasure of the senses. “Anyone who has not lived before 1789 does not know how sweet life can be.” (Talleyrand). Eighteenth-century hedonism refers to the science of pleasure that awakens all of the senses. Time stands still, subject to the whims of desire and chance that becomes destiny. One was to seize the moment in France at an artistic peak that had acquired world renown. The enchanted retreats of the Petit Trianon and her Hameau were Marie-Antoinette’s means of escape from the heavy weight of the Versailles Court, its etiquette and obligations. She retreated to her personal apartments with her friends. Marie-Antoinette loved the life of freedom at the Petit Trianon: she went horseback riding, cared for her children, experienced the passage of time with serenity, and adopted a free and sensual mode of dress that did not hamper her movement.

Nature and natural, a source of inspiration and well-being

Attirance aims to be a natural and organic brand for skin care, hair care and fragrances. A brand that respects and maintains women’s natural beauty, far from fixed and artificial images. “We must cultivate our garden.” (Voltaire) In Europe of the Enlightenment, seeds, cuttings, and reference books were exchanged and circulated. Gardens were always a prominent feature of interior landscapes. Louis XVI gave his wife the Petit Trianon in 1774: “For you who so loves flowers, I give you this bouquet”. Marie-Antoinette wanted to stroll through a garden with a living nature that was not imprisoned in a greenhouse. Flowers were a recurring decorative theme in the eighteenth century: lily-of-the-valley, as well as lilac, rose and jasmine, which are also found woven or embroidered in wall hangings, drapes and quilts at Versailles and the Petit Trianon. Natural was a fashionable word in the eighteenth century, a concept that Queen Marie-Antoinette adopted with passion: the natural look of skin without make-up, wigless hairstyles “à l’enfant”, and an English style with loosened corsets that let one live freely. Natural reigned at the Trianon, in the “Anglo-Chinese” garden and the Queen’s Hamlet. Nature was the Queen’s dream. For Jean-Louis Fargeon, nature was true and good. It allowed one to break with the established order and renew with primitive heavenly greens. He disapproved of rouge, for it damaged the skin. He was also a “cosmetologist”, beauty visionary, making advances in research to fight wrinkles and skin diseases. Queen Marie-Antoinette had harmonious natural coloring and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. She was very avant-garde and preferred to care for her skin rather than camouflage blemishes under the plaster patches in vogue at the time.

Hymn to the Light

Versailles, this hymn to the majestic light, - indeed, the last palace of the Sun. This poem made out of stone, greenery and water, the most magnificent creation in every sense for our 18th century. Here one idea reigns, it does not oppress.. Not only the eyes mesmerized, but also the soul and the heart, mind, imagination. Here everything is interwoven with symbolism, which our civilization, technical and urban as it is, has to learn anew. Versailles - a poem interconnecting the antique with the modernity, it is a remarkable effort in synthesis crowned with divine glory.

Gerard Van der Kemp,
Restorer of Versailles



How to start your own business? Buy an Attirance franchise!

Business type: premium class cosmetic shop and SPA salon.

Optimal area for:

  • franchise island is from 6 m2 till 15 m2, situated on the ground floor of a trade centre with intensive traffic;
  • franchise shop is from 30 m2 till 50 m2. The stores can be situated separately;
  • franchise SPA is from 40 m2 till 80 m2.

Return on investment period: 18 - 24 months.

What does the franchise owner get?

  • own business (a cosmetic shop or/and a SPA salon), under brand name Attirance;
  • support at all stages of business development;
  • evaluation of business project and calculation of investment;
  • individual store design-project within the frameworks of our corporate design guidelines;
  • professional support with the design of facade;
  • specialist consultation during the construction and renovation;
  • recommendations regarding the selection of trade equipment;
  • support with calculation of the first supply order, recommendations regarding purchases;
  • staff and personnel training.

Support during cooperation:

  • individual marketing plan for store launch – depending on the type of commercial premises;
  • provision of Attirance brand style elements according to merchandising guidelines;
  • assistance regarding the trade-marketing activities and regional advertising campaigns;
  • monthly newsletters;
  • development of advertising materials for different media;
  • annual supply of free product sample kits;
  • global loyalty program;
  • centralized advertising support;
  • detailed instructions for the management of business: unified standards and elaborated business processes.

For information on becoming Attirance Franchise partner, please contact us by phone +371 67139044,
email us at or submit the form .

Master Franchise

Master Franchise means exclusive rights to develop a wide store and distribution network in a territory. It allows to attract new business partners for Franchise store network creation in a designated territory (city, country or region). It is an opportunity to profit as an intermediary between:

  • Single store Franchises
  • Specially selected cosmetics store chains
  • Cosmetics and spa saloons
  • Pharmacies
  • Hotels

You will receive a control package over the Franchise system in your region, the rights to develop Attirance brand and the opportunity to use our business development concept and experience.

Consultant assistance. Both parties are interested in reaching success and satisfaction about the result. Although Master Franchise requires higher initial investment, this model in particular can offer higher return and profit level in the long-term, compared to a single Franchise model. There will be full support and information available in order to develop the Franchise store network in your region.

Master Franchise benefits Profile opportunities

  • No royalties
  • Additional discount programms for the products
  • Control over Franchises in the territory
  • IT support of the French company "Reymark", witch enable an easy and user-friendly logistics management and flow of goods in the store and warehouse. More about "Raymark" you can find here

Profile opportunities

  • Create your own retail store chain
  • Profit from Franchise fees
  • Margin from the product sales to subfranchisees
  • Online store
  • Whole sale profit from:
    • Cosmetic store chains
    • Hotels
    • Spa and cosmetics salons
    • Pharmacies
    • Selling in airport "tax-free" areas
    • Corporate gifts

For information on becoming Attirance Franchise partner, please contact us by phone +371 67139044,
email us at or submit the form .


As the trade is still one of the most demanded cooperation forms in the global market today, Attirance is offering various wholesale business opportunities for the interested partners.

Currently we are offering the following trade opportunities:

  • Wholesale development
  • Corporate gifts - an individual approach to each client and customer case
  • An offer to hotels
  • An offer to beauty and spa saloons
  • An offer to pharmacies
  • Trade in airports (Tax free shopping)

Become our Wholesale partner and you will get:

  • Recognized, certified, high-quality products
  • A constant and growing product range
  • Beneficial price conditions that allows our partners to make good earnings
  • Delivery arrangement to any location around the world
  • Beneficial discount system
  • Additional benefits to our most loyal clients
  • A personal Sales Manager for solving all related issues

For information on becoming Attirance Franchise partner, please contact us by phone +371 67139044,
email us at or submit the form .

Trading island

Gives You the opportunity to have Your own store:

  • attractive bussiness model;
  • small size, flexible model, which can be moved easily to other shopping areas during sales periods;
  • fits in small spaces , gives high turnover posibilities /desirable trading island space is from 6-12m2/;
  • no franchise fee;
  • low business start -up costs;
  • extensive support system and training;
  • long-term proven profit opportunities;
  • very good profit margin 20-50%, initial payback period in 6-12 months;
  • manufacturer's support - direct product deliveries and a cost effective and full marketing support business model;
  • unified trading islands design worldwide - we provide the creation of the design for all Attirance stores as well as specially designed furniture;

Trading island investment level depends from store size, which includes:

  • costs of furniture (cost of 1m2 is 475 Euros),
  • products for the first 1-2 months of in-store trading.

* Travel expenses of the trainees or the Attirance instructor are not included.

Island investment costs (calculation sample for an 8m2 island):

  • Furniture: 3,800EUR*
  • Products: 7,000EUR
  • Training: 600EUR**

Total costs: 11,140 EUR

* Furniture costs per m2 are 475EUR

For information on becoming Attirance Franchise partner, please contact us by phone +371 67139044,
email us at or submit the form .